Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You Note

No goofiness today, just some mushiness.

Community, the dictionary says it's "a unified body of individuals". So what does that look like? I'm aware there are a gazillion types of communities based on geographical location, culture, interests, age groups etc. But I'm referring to a group of folks genuinely connected in the heart and mind. A group that works together, helping each other when a specific need arises. Exchanging services and skill sets. Watching true community at work is pretty darn cool, you couldn't ask for a better gift. Several times I've needed help with things outside my skill set and have happily exchanged graphic design work in return....nifty stuff. 

A tight community also gives us a sense of belonging, feelings of association, intimate friendships, and often a safe place to heal from past hurts. Let's face it, life is tough! Seriously, we can't do it alone, we weren't created to do it alone. I have that tee-shirt and it doesn't fit, not at all! And if I'm not careful, I'll still try to wear it.....bleh....So today, while thinking about my small community, I'm feeling extremely fortunate. Through this family of friends God has helped me crawl out of a million holes, dispel a thousand lies, understand my failures, & cut through insane amounts of craziness. He's met need after need. 

So thank you God and thank you sweet friends (you know who you are) ♥


  1. Aww. I love the mushy Tiff. :)

  2. P.S. the post was Kerry... don't know why it shows up like that -- weird.

  3. Aww thanks Kerry....sign in with something other than AOL I guess?

  4. that's one outstanding fish! see also, "The Body of Christ: A Reality" - by Watchman Nee :)

  5. Thanks iefool....I'm changing your name to iesupersmartperson