Thursday, March 3, 2011

Swamp Water

I've been eating on this stuff for a week! I call it swamp water. Once fully cooked, you can't tell what you're eating, just a bowl of greenish brownish floating parts. My friend Dawn was kind enough to share the recipe and help me with my first pot. We do however make it slightly different. I take the lazy route and only throw a few chicken breasts in the mix. But Dawn is no cutter of corners. She boils the whole chicken, bones, skin, gristle and all. And wow, she hacks that thing in record speed. I'm convinced if butchering chickens were an Olympic sport, Dawn would indeed take home the gold. Of course she does remove the majority of bones but it's next to impossible to find all those little guys. So yes I'll admit Dawn's way is tastier, but spitting out crumpled chicken skeleton fragments isn't for everyone.

Ok kids, here's what's hidin' in the pot!...and none of that funny measurin' business. Be adventurous by dumping in whatever you like and however much you like. This is your swamp!
Bok Choy
Green Beans
Brussel Sprouts
Yellow Onion
"Better Than Bouillon" (& it is way better than bouillon by the way)
Olive Oil (if you're a breast only person)

Locally, one can buy all the ingredients for under $30 and eat for eternity......sort of.


  1. Random thoughts...I bet this stuff really makes your bowels MOVE. Hey we have Bragg's too. I know where those tiny salt shakers came from- Looks like you haven't used yours either! I think I remember you saying that Sweet Leaf brand of Stevia was gross. Alligators don't talk. Love your blog. Please write more.

  2. I am having my mother's own recipe of Swamp Water for lunch today. This recipe yields so much I feel like she will be calling me to come get more. Free Lunch this week. How cool!

  3. I've tasted of your swamp water soup and it's pretty darn good. YUMM!

  4. Awww, you guys are the best commenters ever = )

  5. Elissa - yeah I love the tiny salt n' peppas (oooh baby-baaby)....Well, Stevia's 100x sweeter than sugar and I was using too much of it at once making it too strong tasting. I've started using it again and it's not so bad.

  6. what are the portion sizes for ingredients there chef?

  7. i don't talk to commas i don't know