Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hills Is Where The Toys Are!

My parent's had a garage sale last year 
and I unearthed these old treasures. 

Can you tell we grew up in the 80's? (with the exception of Ren)

HA! This furry bowling pin with a face was my sister's poor 
excuse for an ET doll. Yeah, he's pretty messed up.
Def gonna need some digits before phoning home. 

Last but not least...
My favorite toy as a wee lass, the Fisher Price trucker with his trusty steed.
 My dad & grandmother took me to Hills ("Where The Toys Are", or were) to 
pick out any toy in the store and I ended up with these guys. I thought wow, 
this toy is in superb shape considering how rough I played with it. Even the
 fishing wire I used to drag it around was still tied to the front bumper. 

Knoxville people - Do you remember Hills department store in Fountain City? 
Geez that was forever ago. I witnessed some disturbing things in that
 place...but that's for another day.


  1. I cannot believe I just wrote the greatest Post ever to be seen on this blog and the stupid software had an error and lost my story when I submitted. I can't take it. BLOG, blog,BLOG! I felt as satisfied that I had written the perfect story on Hills as the kid from A Christmas Story when he finished his essay on what he wanted for Christmas. My day was good because I got to unearth some long forgotten memories of my childhood in Fountain City and going to Hills Dept Store and release them to this blog for eternal keeping......sigh.........and the software poached it. Dead. Oh well, only 6 1/2 more hours before I can go home, eat lots of carbs and fall asleep on the couch.

  2. I hate it when that happens...poo

    We can exchange Hills stories in person...mine's prolly not suitable for this blog hehe.

  3. I hope you didn't sell the Fisher Price trucker and steed! Or if you did, I hope to removed the fishing line so that the next kid who gets it won't accidentally amputate a finger! I mean back when we were kids, fishing wire and many other things were TOTALLY safe and acceptable items for us to play with. But now... now it is far too dangerous.

    PS I think it is awesome that this is the toy you chose when you got to pick "whatever you wanted". Waaaaay better than bowling pin ET. ;)

  4. PSS, is that a Mon-chi-chi in the first pic or a Mon-chi-chi knock off? I can still sing that whole jingle, "Mon-chi-chi, Mon-chi-chi! Oh so soft and cuddly..."

  5. Think someone gave Misti that furry ET. Guess furry makes sense, you can't really cuddle with a rubbery or plastic ET.

    Yeah I still have the truck. I couldn't part with it.

    haha....You will find no trace of mon chi chi in our homes. You talking about Donkey Kong?