Monday, August 15, 2011

Tennessee Ergonomics

What's your pain telling you? Mine told me to hack up my desk pronto. So last week, with a little help from my co-workin' pals, that's exactly what we did. My work station has transformed into an ergonomic paradise. A happy place filled with 90 degree angles, upright spines, and elbow-level surfaces. After months of shoulder, neck and back pain I've longed for such a place. I seriously could not continue popping naproxen and bumming hydros, that's no way to live. Desperate times call for desperate measures and my desperate measure involved sawing five inches off of my desk's legs, a chunky catalog, ball chair and vertical mouse. I'm aware it looks kinda goofy but at this point, I don't give a rip how it looks. The constant aching put me on the brink of nuttiness and I felt like breaking stuff, sometimes people's faces. Pain makes you cranky! It has this way of surfacing your inner yucky-pucks (Katie, that was for you)....definitely not me at my best. It's time to grab the power tools and kick those things to the curb. Thanks to all who've helped make this possible for me ; ).
Vertical mouse don't play...Check out that chrome.

Screen not eye level? Nothing a chunky catalog can't fix.

These models pose for my TN ergo photo session.

Final thoughts - If you have a desk job, do what you can now to make it ergonomically correct. It's worth it.....Or stay pissy forever and possibly morph into a shell person. And to my fellow employees, be on the look-out for a new, slightly warmer and cheerier me. I've already promised baked goods.


  1. had to show Dad this, this morning... breakfast talk stumbled into ergonomic territory... long story short, we're all sitting up tall-as-can-be, ball or no ball :)

  2. Make sure to tell him vertical mouse don't play!!