Monday, June 13, 2011

Shower Power

More baby stuff... 
Top eight things needed for a full-on-off-the-chainz baby shower...

1.  sweet pregnant lady
2.  friends & family
3.  no baby games
4.  no food games
5.  pregnant belly cake
6.  no games in general
7.  placenta jello ring
8.  cool gifts


  1. So, did you end up avoiding all those games after all? If so, I commend you! (As do all who attended, I suppose.) By the way, that cake is epic!! :-)

  2. We played one game that mom made up and it was actually pretty cool. The "baby body parts" quiz. I thought it to be quite fitting.

    Thanks! I shoulda mailed you a slice. There's still some jello left??

  3. So, I'm just now catching up with your blog (ah, the wonderful utility of a feed reader) having started with the "19 white babies" post two posts ago. I was going to ask you what you did with them; however, I think I found out.

    In addition, I love this list (except for #7). It had me LOLing. ;)

    Now, as to inspiration for what you should write about next: Will you be sharing any stories and thoughts about your recent Africa trip? ;)


  4. Thanks Michael = )

    I'll be writing on the trip soon. Just have to gather my thoughts as there's a bunch of em'.