Friday, April 29, 2011

Shark Man

Most neighborhoods have a token crazy person. The fun kind of crazy. At least that's my experience. And please note: I'm not referring to folks that make puppy skin pocket books and hack up bunnies. But a milder level of crazy....perhaps bizarre, eccentric or quirky are better (more PC) descriptives. Their expressions of nuttiness come in different levels and flavors. Extreme excessive lawn art/statues/knick knacks are probably the mildest but most common flavor. You know behind every yard adorned with multiple mirrored balls, gaggles of plastic geese, snow white's seven dwarfs, and mobs of stucco deer lie a crazy person....a crazy awesome person!!

Anyway...yesterday I was delighted to snap pics of this place - yipes!! The home of "Shark Man". He lives a few houses down from a buddy of mine. She said he's into "all things shark"....Understandable. I mean heck, we need sharks up in these Tennessee hills. All we got round here are a buncha' catfish n' crappie! 

I'd love to hear his story, maybe catch him out in his yard one day. Hopefully he'll grant me a tour of his lair.

Better hide your yappy ankle biters (on second thought, don't hide them).....these guys are hungry for blood! 

Shhh, they're having a shark off.

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